Reviews for "Heavy is Dovahkiin"

Wonderful animation

10 just for the outro music.

I hate it...

...how excellent work like this gets 4th place! WTF?

I looked at the other prize-winners and they just don't match up. This piece is the tops so keep up the great work! I'm compelled to watch or at least listen to several times.

Pure Awesomeness Enclosed

This is a amazing animation, it made me laugh at the "POOTIS POW!"
Overall this was a very done animation, that sandvich at the start reminds me of "Heavy's Heaven" off youtube. :P
Kudos to you for a epic animation!

i have 2 favorite parts

1. when he said, "pu tis pow"
2. when he got shot in the knee

nice job

This is teh awesomes!

A great work of animation of two of my favorite games! This is awesome, and there's no doubt!