Reviews for "Heavy is Dovahkiin"

Go memes

Heavy used to be Dovakiin, till he took a sentry to the knee.

In Memory?

You can't make a joke and say "In Memory" when the joke is recent and still not very funny. Maybe you could've twisted it and made it ironic, but it was the same joke, different character, different weapon. Nothing special aside from a Russian Accent. Use your brain and be clever. In Memory is not clever. Nice try on making an animation which you hopefully started before the jokes came out still relevant and funny. That's why I gave you 3 stars. Because I hope this was made before those others came out. If not. Learn to make your own jokes. Seriously. And even if so, just go back and fix your animation and use a different joke. Not that hard.

I've got to be honest dude, sorry

This is unfortunately, another FUS RO DAH joke, I've heard excellent variations of the same joke but this is as basic as it gets I'm afraid. I mean, sure it great its a combination of Team Fortress jokes but then again, same old Team Fortress jokes.

They aren't for everyone, and unfortunately they aren't for me. Sorry, but I like to be honest with me reviews. You didn't get a 5 on comedy or story but your animation, dialog and overall flow of the piece is really nice.

Overall, lacking in humor but really good animation.


man that just fit so well in strange sorts of ways also its pretty strange that recently i have been into tf2 and skyrim


good animation buddy :) but this is a little weird and i dont know if you might find this useless or usefull but i kinda like the ending credits where the heavy starts singing its funny and catchy to me lol

if you somehow got the music to click n download it i would love to put it to my MP3 anyway....

10/10 5/5 well done buddy :D