Reviews for "Heavy is Dovahkiin"

Nice :D

But isn't this based on:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hD-KZ smBl4

haha X))


Please, just stop

The arrow to the knee and skyrim jokes are beaten to death, im starting to hate them because of how many people are abusing it for a desperate grab to the front page, please. Just stop making these parodies and do something meaningful in your flashes. Thanks

I like both of those games! Therefore I like this!

I will however question your decision to have the sniper shoot in the knee with a rifle, rather than his bow. Because as any experienced TF2 player will know, the sniper does in fact have a bow.

Outside of that personal complaint, top notch.

I cant stop laughing

I saw the title, and I chuckled to myself as the video loaded, going from a chuckle to a laugh as the possibilities struck me, then increasing as I read the 'Author's comments' box, and now my sides hurt and I can barely type this out after finally watching the flash itself. nine times.