Reviews for "Heavy is Dovahkiin"

I just had a brainwave for a skyrim parody!

You know the shouts that you use, like unrelenting force? what if you were wearing a closed face helmet.....

FUUS BO *head implodes*

Awesome flash dude! Bullet beats arrow every time.

Love TF2

Heavy is my favorite! 5/5


stop with the arrow to the knee.its geting retarded.holy fuck! but the thing itself was good

Credit song

Post a longer version of the credit song , Smoothly looped and it will gain so much popularity... I would gladly listen to that credit song while i troll around in a MMOFPS like AVA killing people... Hahahahaha

overusedjoke.... But! origenal...

A bullet to the KNEE - - -;):---- =>