Reviews for "Infinity Blad"

Awesome in all aspects!

From the coloring to the line art; from the backgrounds to the epic voice! Well done!
FYI, when it comes to the sword, it's more like Infinity Bald. XD

RicePirate responds:

infinity balls

lolol,stupid "chair"

see that was one of the things i could never understand about the game...
and even more so was the fact that HE HAD HIS FATHERS ARMOR?! D:

that game made no sense...
and that shitty finger sword was a waste of my monies :(

however the second infinity blade seem to find a way around it...
by inventing some sort of cloning machine >_>
maybe you make a parody of the 2nd one next!?! :D

Dude XD

That was a hillarious movie.
I never played the game, but pretty sure i got the joke.
It's also the same in many other storyes. What the heck are they gonna do, after they have won the battle they have trained their whole life for.
What is their new purpose gonna be? XD

And this overlord have fought against is father and grandfather. How old is he? : \

Tnx to this animation i got curios about the game and want to buy it : P

i have played it i played it at Dave and Busters


Well done indeed

While I have not played the game or even actually heard of it, I love this video. The writing was very well done as I assume it was written in the way of Killface from Frisky Dingo. The voice work is superb and the animation was smooth and flowed together nicely. All in all, well done sir, well done.