Reviews for "Infinity Blad"

That's funny

I guess those guys have a lot of teen pregnancies in their lives or something? I am not familiar with this video game series, but certainly appreciate good humor. What also made this was how good the animation was. You normally wouldn't expect something to look so good when it's played for laughs. I especially love the facial expressions of the guy he is fighting. I am not familiar with this, so I do not know the characters' names.

The music was also nice and really set the mood. The only thing I didn't like was that it would have been cool to show the fight. Then again, that might have ruined the joke. It's great how you still have that nice voice. I can understand why you, RicePirate, are so prolific in nearly everything you do, given how popular you are.

RicePirate responds:

Thanks for the review :)