Reviews for "Infinity Blad"

Yeah, generations wtf.

I disagree with nastarclan on the basis that he is criticising the animation in regard to it's place in the series and on top of that, I don't think he's ever played the game.

This is exactly how it is, you lose at the god king and the game explicitly tells you that 20 or so years will pass, yet nothing's changed. Not a tinkle. Mr God king doesnt even do anything but sit on his throne and maybe hire another black knight to have conversations on his dungeon and shit.

Very well played, I would strongly reccommend the first game to any Ipod owner, it's a personal highlight of my Ipod that really shown off some impressive graphics.
This flash keeps to that with lengthy detail, the music, the intro and the voice acting was incredible (What else to expect from Ricepirate though), you done well guys. Infinity blade FTW.


Very short, didn't particularly care for it. This would've been better before the sequel came out, personally. The animation was good, and the accuracy of the material is good but it leaves much to be desired. I actually wanted to see more and expected to see more, then it ended. Maybe make more and a series? I don't know. In any case, just not enough material. That, my friend, gives you a 7.

That was so good!

I loved it, this cheerd me up, thank you!

this is hilarious

excellent job. Make more please


i guess they expected more. but hey i like it, funny . but ya, too short