Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"

The wait was rewarded. THIS GAME IS GREAT!

I just simple loved the game!

Great tribute for one of the greatest videogame consoles ever! The controls are simple and great, good mechanics, good side-scroll fight.

That's sure a masterpiece of retro!


Never have I played something so Incredible on New grounds. It had everything a retro gamer could want and more... I think it would be incredible if this game got a sequel ( Have you guys thought about porting this to consoles or PC download?)

An amazing trip through retro-valley!

What an amazing game, I am blown away at just how fun, and awesome it was. It was chock full of hilarious references, and felt just like a NES game. Amazing work guys!!!

Deserves it's title by Newgrounds

I feel like it would be wrong not giving this game a 10/10 and 5/5
Graphics: 10/10 (The classic NES graphics with some of the bosses being created by you guys were awesome, reminded me of my childhood haha)
Gameplay: 10/10 (Balloon fight was slippery, but nothing impossible, I never played the real thing, so maybe it was like this? Anyway, all the other levels had excellent gameplay just like the original ones)
Story: 10/10 (Goes to show what Abobo would do for his kid, and what he would do the guts of anyone who stood in his way, maan the time you guys put making this game was worth it)
Overall: 10/10 (Masterpiece, you guys deserve a medal, no a trophy! The itself isn't long, but makes me play the levels over and over again to find the achievements! I'll be waiting for your next games, I hope they show the same Aboboness this one has)

Haha, really funny and worth playing. One of the best games I've ever played thus far here in NG. Plus, I like games with loads of medals. One thing I look after when playing games. They drive you to play more.

Anyway, I say this game is epic. A must game to play