Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"


I have over 500 Nintendo games, you pretty much covered them all in here. Awesome job. My only complaint is you need a restart option. To get the don't get killed achievements I have to refresh the browser if I get hit in a couple of the levels. Make it a little more convenient is all.

Great Game! but only one slight bug (NOT zelda lol

after getting KO'd and the rise up timer is at ten, i barely get up on time but the game and timer freezes. this was during Big Mac. The sprites are moving and crowd is cheering, but cant move and timer is frozen lol.
Hope this helps to make it much more than perfect.

Abobo responds:

Make sure your version says 1.3 on the preloader.


Let me start by saying... AWESOME! He took the basic nintendo game and turned it into a hillarous fun game!!!! 10/10

best game evar!

cool game all nintendos characters in one game this is worth to be the game of the century

omg best game ever created lol 10000000000000000000000000/5