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Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"

Awwww Yea

Best game I have ever played, I've been waiting a month watching the countdown waiting for this to come out. This is the most incredible game ever, and I love the medals. No complaints for me. Perfect.

Top Notch

Finally Abobooo. Basically i had no time to play this but i made time. So what, a little less sleep before my bussiness trip to amsterdam. That can't do any harm, this is worth it. Since it's so long in development.

The game was great, i really enjoyed playing it. Had some problems lagging but it had nothing to do with the game. Problem was the browser.
Found no bugs and no problems (beside from the loading screen shrinking)

Once i started playing it pretty much got me hooked to it for a few hours. Very addictive (addiction = equal to good). Most of all thanks for the sh*tload of medals, i'm a freak when it comes to collecting them.


What to say...

Your love for the NES old glories emerges from every pixel, there are so many references that's almost impossible to count them all. You can recognize a great game by the effort in putting small details, and there's a lot of them in Abobo's big Adventure. Wonderful.

Classic Combo!!

This is one awesome compilation of Old-School NES games, love it!!! played it all the way and no regrets at all!!

in the flashman stage you see these big laser that go woooooooooo
man this game makes my dick rock hard