Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"

Wow, just wow

This is why indie games will always be better, you guys obvious have a ton of love for and experience with the source material. My only gripe is that because you did such an amazing job of making it feel like an nes game, I sometimes forgot I was playing a flash game, and as such got mad when the controls weren't quite as tight as I am used to. However that just goes to show how well made, everything is. Great job, was worth the wait

Beyond Epic

My old memories of these games are now able to rest in peace. There's nothing to describe how awesome this is. Top notch, and more.

P.S. Screw you Big Mac... and Mario for letting him win.


A new classic walk of games

Very awesome work. Good retro gaming with a new twist. enjoyed the game a lot.

That was... I can't... words hard... mind blown... amazing...

Seriously, that was awesome. It pretty much captured the best parts of some of the NES's best games.

Laughed my ass off at the meat spin too... can't believe anyone still remembers that!

I'am stuck on the mario level >:(