Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"

Legendary game.



I first discovered this game by downloading it during an "emergency". I was gonna have an internet shortage of sorts, so I wanted to be prepared to play games offline.
Boy, did this make me happy. At first, I didn't really understand all the references; I got them just recently and that's why I was excited to see it on Newgrounds. It's as great as the downloadable game, still true to its origins as a tribute.

The music is pleasing, and the levels each have a different way of playing out. There's some secrets here and there, but references everywhere. It's also pretty funny, and I found myself LMAO'ing a lot of times.
Overall, I recommend this game. It's a great opportunity not only to revisit one of the classics, but to replay the joys of the NES in a modern way. Absolutely great game.

Amazing Tribute to the Nes I just beat it on Thursday Great game and I recommend it to Everyone