Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"

Comment made at 1:05 AM

Just completed the game in 1 hour and five minutes of my birthday :D Best Birthday Gift Ever!!!

Fastest time i beat Mac was 1:13 in-game time

Completed every other Achievement >/(except for Ballon Jedi and Ballon Master...)/> on one sitting >/(more like in a day because 2 sittings, one for finishing the story, the other for doing other achievements...)/> 8 days ago

And over all thank you for this wonderful gift of nostalgia >/(that i cant believe i didn't know existed until last month)/> that i can cherish for as long as i have access to a PC ;D!

For those who want to try it out:

You have my word that it'll be the best 45 minutes to 2 hours that you can use to have a nostalgic time for the 8-bit era! (that is if it doesn't ruin your childhood of course...)

Spoilers for the Game for those who haven't played it yet so no peeking until you atleast do a game finish...:

If you want to complete it, to be honest, most of the achievements you'll get by just playing the game, but some like the ContrAbobo and the BallonBobo part of Pro WrAbobo will take patience and time, and not dive in and hope for the best...

time to use 2 hours collecting all those medals :')

wow to much medals

Favorite Game! <3