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Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"


This brings back all my childhood memories. I skipped school today and missed my finals, but fuck it, THIS IS EPIC!

stuck on legadn of zelda part

the legadn of zelda snes game came back from hell to get me stucked in the game!
fuck im stuck XD but amazing game!

Perfect 10s??

How can you be rating this game a 10 when its impossible to even have beat it yet. I realize I'm not helping but it just irked me.

Anyways, you can tell a lot of love was put into making this game from what i've played so far. Growing up with a nintendo it really is a throwback to those great games. Great Job guys!


this is everything newgrounds stands for, and more.
it's def derserving of such a high rating.

Worth the wait

Okay im addicted now