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Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"

You bastard i just had to press 1

best NES tribute game on newgrounds


I found it rather fun and actually beat it. However it had some flaws. And since I have beaten it I will review every stage in order. Also since I am reviewing all of the levels there will be spoilers after stage 5.

Stage 1: A good opening to the game. The stage is a side scrolling beat em up with baddies willing to take you down. It even has a miniboss against a sentient barrel! Rather fun opening. Though the boss can be rather lengthy and uses a ranged projectile it is fun difficult.

Stage 2: A water level. Although this is the only one so I am glad they get the obligatory water stage out of the way. The first part is actually alright. And there even is a mermaid to save which if you choose correctly you get a shield which sometimes does not work... Weird. However the electric kelp ruins the 2nd part of the level. However the boss against 2 killer sharks make up for it.

Stage 3: A rather easy stage but at least it ends with good old mortal kombat reference.

Stage 4: A zelda inspired level. Seems normal until you get the map After I get the achievement I usually quit out to the menu and avoid the map entirely. But I must say the minibosses combined with the fact that you can KO toad from mario 1 for telling you "You're princess is in another castle!" makes up for it. The old man is actually rather challenging for a 3 phase fight if you don't get the meat sword. Other than that it is a decent level.

Stage 5 (Phase 1): The stage where you can die in 2 hits. It is actually rather fun. Yes the enemies can be a bit aggressive but it is fun difficult.

Stage 5 (Phase 2): The stage you actually get to fight the amazon. Although it can be done quickly if a grapple happens it is a 50/50 if you get attacked or not. Something that I hate. Luckily the ending again makes up for the grapple system. It is just awesome seeing 4 wrestlers team up with abobo for one final attack where abobo slams the amazon so hard he not only causes an explosion but also to fall through the stadium floor and get taken out by some spikes!

Stage 6: A Mega man 2 stage. In quick man's stage where the only weapon you have is the mega buster. Great. Luckily the lasers take longer to fire. So that is a plus. The stage is a harder version of quick man's stage. Something I am fine with. Since there are more enemies. Not only that but the boss is actually rather challenging. I got a game over to him the first time I tried to beat him.

Stage 7 (Phase 1): The contra stage where you die in 1 hit. It is not that bad for the first part. Yes I am forced to harm kirby at the end of the stage but kirby survives. So it isn't that bad. Also bonus points for this stage including the lemming gun. So funny.

Stage 7 (Phase 2): THIS stage is why my rating is 2.5/5. The climbing part is not the issue. It is actually okay. It is the boss that ruins the stage. Kirby is the boss with only 4 attacks: Inhaling, stone, meteor and ice missile. If you survive the patterns he actually gives you some firepower (How nice). After you beat him however although he survives at first. Upon landing however... DOC. LOUIS. STRAIGHT. UP. KO'S. KIRBY. WHYYYYY?! This ruined the entirety of stage 7! It had high hopes until the boss of phase 2!

Final stage: The final stage isn't any better. It is punch-out. Seems normal but little mac attacks way too fast. You need some quick fingers to beat him. And the way you stun him? Regular punches. After that SPAM/ UPPERCUTS. Hooks are pretty much outclassed by uppercuts in this bossfight. Although I must say the fact that abobo uses other boxer's moves for his rage moves? It's a nice touch. His 2nd form is deadly but I managed to take it out. And the ending? It is awesome! It just feels satisfying just seeing aboboy being saved and all heck breaks lose and... wait. It was all a dream?! ARRRGH!

JackSmack responds:

I made the Quickman level. I'm glad I could make a boss that could take you out. :D Seems like a low score for a free game that you played all the way through and put so much thought into reviewing. But hey to each their own. Thanks for playing and the feedback!

This game is a very well made tribute to the NES games and seeing all the humour and how well is combined are the characters from differents games into one, is something that not any game can make and amount of secrets and stuff is incredible.