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Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"

Goog game, found a bug

If on the Mega Bobo stage, during any area with the lazorz you activate your Rage, and are then hit by the lazor, you are sent back to the last checkpoint as normal, but it loops the spawning animation endlessly and becomes unplayable.

Fun beside that. :)

Abobo responds:

We'll look into it, thanks for the report.

You can use the level select from the main menu to restart near where you left off.

Good luck!

ah the nostagia :)

its games like these that bring back A LOT of very fond memories

this game was well worth the wait
and im happy how it turned out

Well worth the wait

Seeing a project like this come to fruition is awesome. Great work guys, The baloon level is way too hard, but other than that all my WOOT are belong to you.


the game is so cool and awesome ^^, but what do i have to do in zelda´s part? im stuck ¬¬

it is good

before playing I know that game is very good