Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"

just the awesomest game on newgrounds
Pd: fix the medal issue plz

Great game, only gripe would be that when you respawn, you are flashing - but not invincible.

The medals are a bit touchy, otherwise, thanks. I mean really, I appreciate the 'labor of love' here. I started with intelevison as a very young lad, then went to Nintendo at five years of age. I know all of these games and characters, I grew up with them. I'm... a bit egotistical, but I bow to you and all who had a part in this creation. Again, thank you.

Though it was neat to see and hear all of those old Nintendo things, I got as far as that bubblecrab thing in the zelda level and realized it's telling me I'm getting achievements but none of them are actually unlocking. I've reloaded this page three times and it still says I have no achievements. As a result, my desire to play this game any further has disintegrated.

Awesome as expected, a real blast from the past. Cheers.