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Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

fooled again

Curses.... I was lured here by tits...

Its Just The Art Style

That really set me off kinda, and yet it knd of reminds me of Rockos Modern Life you see? And the point behind this is actually very sunning ^u^


Usually, I'm completely grossed out from these type of flashes.
But this one wasn't as disturbing as the others.
Not to mention, the female nudity was good.

oh ok

i get it if you dont get this video your a dumbass

in my opinion and i hope you don't take it personal,the message is good intended but the vid is a little obsene about gaia, if you want to make the people get the feeling of pain about what they are doing and how they are f**king up the planet, make a more lovely gaia and a little less vulgar one.