Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

The Shark Show Thing x 2..maybe x1.1

Once again a beauty of a movie. A dream like movie well animated ugly drawn though, but hey thats your style right. And what a unique sexy style that is.

As for the message its human ego centric behavior to give in to the industrial/capitalistic addiction and thats well depicted here. On the other hand the thought of our existence being the end of earth or nature is a very arrogant vision instead. An idea unfortuantly shared by many artists.

After billions of years harrasment the earth is doing fine but for some reason we got the idea that we are more than just another monkey mutation going extinct in a couple hundred years. And we think that our 200 year industrial revolution and maybe the 200 years we have left will leave a mark on this planet ;). Even if the world was in danger we are no condition to save it, we cant even take care for ourselves :D

golfinho responds:



I never liked humans anyway

Well, it certainly had a message

Clearly this makes me nervous about the fate of the Earth. But this kind of depiction has been done before. And it would've left a greater impact on me if it weren't for the ugly animations. Surely some of this is accurate, but it's not pretty.


What is this i can't even

i too feel this way