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Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

Vote 10 here?

I think this might be the first time I was encouraged to vote ten on something. While I decline that score, I will give this credit for being very creative. I know you are always going to be around to give deranged cartoons to us. It seemed like this was trying to be a satire or something. At first I thought it was just about nature, but with the snake and the naked woman you got all into religious text. I don't know what this is supposed to represent.

Maybe it was about how Mother Nature is abused by man? I'm guessing that makes as much sense as anything else. The music was really good and set off a great tone. It was weird how she was depicted with small breasts even though she had the long hair and size of a woman. For all the wacky insanity in this, it's well worth it to watch!


I found it a bit sad in the way you seemed to explained how earth has come to being all the way to now. How it has been hurt by outside influence and how humans now abuse Earth, making it weaker and more vulnerable to a catastrophes. If this message was sent intentionally i give an eight, if not A for effort xD.


Very philosophical and quite meaningful.

Holy crap

Something like this was absolutely unexpected from golfinho O.o such a deep meaning to such a bizarre, weird cartoonist O.o

very deep

if you get past the sexual themes. but knowing me i'm probably seeing things that the author didn't meen to put in.