Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

Very Nice

Smooth animation and a good story/idea. It's nice to see animation that doesn't involve hentai scat porn once in awhile. Good job

golfinho responds:



Creepy on so many levels.
I don't really know what to think of this...
I'm kind of confused yet i understand what it means.
The animation wasn't too bad, the music was strange yet it fit.

Holy crap

Something like this was absolutely unexpected from golfinho O.o such a deep meaning to such a bizarre, weird cartoonist O.o


This actually makes sense. This is an interesting way of depicting the way the earth has evolved, and changed, especially with what humans have done to the earth...

I love your animations, even though they are the things that make me want to tear my hair out from your insanity. Say, what animation software do you use?

golfinho responds:

adobe flash