Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"


That was twisted. I liked it.


I just watched a baby shit out primordial soup. I know your video is a lot deeper than that but that's all I remember.

"The life in 1 minute"

what a beautiful music man... is the perfect macth with the vid...

Good messege....weird choice in music

I see the messege of mother earth and the part where the sun got jealous made me laugh but maybe instead of having mother earth crap herself in the beginning and have weird music throughout it you could have had mothernature be a baby to kid to teen to woman waundering across the globe with a nicer sounding music in the beginning and near the end when mankind starts killing her you could have had the music change to a harsher tone with a bunch of flats and sharps.

golfinho responds:

i like the music because are weird like me.

i came here because of the boobs (^_^)

nevertheless . . . true story \m/