Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"


It was shit but I give you 10 cause you are my best friend!
lol I'm joking it was epic! Should get front page.

golfinho responds:

thailand kids are cool

oh... i get it

bizzar and awsome
but two thumbs up :)

People that whine about the art style

@taurirrr1, ArtixKrieger People like you that bitch about the art style in this have no reason the bitch about it. Taurirrr1 how about you make a flash with the same crappy program you used to draw the two pictures you have. And ArtixKrieger, it's the same animation the guy does, it's how his work is shown, the animation itself is a message about planet Earth and the abuse it went through from having dinosaurs, to having mammals that became humans and wrecked the Earth itself.

"oh its good message but the art style sucks so I am gonna be a asshole and give it a 1/10 cause its not the same style that I pull my prick to as I sleep alone"
-ArtixKrieger's real comment

Nonetheless, this is a good animation, the message is clear, the animation goes well with the music of "death of a pixel" and I enjoyed watching it over and over, since this is one of few animations that doesn't revolve around SKYRIM or some other stupid game.

golfinho responds:

@jimbouoabttzts thanks, peace on earth and all planets


in an odd sense, i understood it at the time i saw this. indeed, earth must be saved...

WORST? Yes and No

For the most incredible to know, your weird works are awesome;