Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

I came for the boobs

I stayed for the boobs

Is it just me?

Others may find it amusing, but this is truly something to watch over and over to be able analyze what's really going on. I'm not sure if it's just me but the shifting scenes allowed gave me the impression that the changes we're not subtle if not violent and sudden. Whether the author wanted something elaborate or not, this video has many layers of meanings, significance, and messages behind every scene. I really like it!

The Internet is Full of Fucking Weaboos

@ArtixKrieger Oh boo-hoo faggot. I'm sure Golfino feels bad that this wasn't the crispy-clean-tween shiny anime garbage that you love.
At the same time weaboos worship the putrid garbage that Fagoraptor spits out all over the internet. Pokeawsome is a g'damn terrible pedestal of shit.

I swear to god, the more I read these comments/reviews the more apparent it is to me that the majority of the internet consists of fatass anime loving neckbeards or anarexic twig-boys in need of a haircut.

Damn this flash for not referencing videogames or anime.

This a great flash and the frame by frame animation is excellent and lends to the overall feel and style of the narrative. The only other artist on newgrounds that blends style and narrative so well without resorting to movie tropes or dialogue is KolBelov and his Objectionable Apparatus Flashes. These pieces are all about telling the narrative soley through the animation with music adding to the atmosphere.

golfinho responds:

:<> !!!Ho!!!


i can see what happened here but it seems like the major people that have influence over things that are happening arent working on it eventually humanity may kill itself like in this video or it could kill itself over time or it could go to another planet and slowly destroy it as well... unless people change there ways...


Still enjoy your submissions, even though they are a bit weird. Very interesting and creative like always. :)

golfinho responds:

Miko-miko, u back for me!