Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

Pure Genius

The art style was simplistic but the overall message was anything but. Anyone who dislikes it either doesn't get it, or takes the joke too serious.

few things

1: did not make any sense
2: completely random
3: wierd music
and finally
it was hilarious, even though it probably shouldnt be and for that
10 stars
keep up the good work man


This was not what I expected. The depth and meaning blew my mind. 10/10

ya know..

This video is one of the greater interpretations of how man is corrupt over earth. and pretty much thats how it happened. ppl think its a disgusting video, but its SUPPOSED to be that way. if it wasn't the raw message wouldnt get across. and ppl who complain about nudity i feel are dumb. GAIA is earth, her being nude is supposed to happen. shes supposed to be exposed to the earth but we wither her away. and as for sexual themes, thats just another form of naturality. like the dinosaur, him grabbing her ass, but it was the truth, the dinosaurs HAD the eariths ass in their hands in perspective. and we practically rape earth as it is right now. digging and building and destroying for OUR gain. its just truth in this video, not some sick animation

Chills, many of them.