Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

I never thought I'd enjoy your work, but wow.

I'm so used to seeing you troll on here that it's all I expect from you, but I actually found this to be a thought-provoking and solidly animated flash. My only fault with this would be that the music cuts out too quickly at the end without reaching a conclusion with the flash, but whatever. Good job.

golfinho responds:

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golfinho responds:

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I loved that flash.

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Gaia is so cool

golfinho responds:

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audacity to create. Not only did i love (more like WORSHIP) the misanthropic overtones but i also loved (salivated over) the misandristic undertones that felt like a hearty slap to my misogynistic face. This animation was like a knife to the heart of the patriachy that has been oppressing the good women-folk for far too long. I enjoyed the IRONY of the phallic nose of mother earth (our dear sweet gaia). The music was i expect a subtle jab at the overly reductionist and deterministic (determined by the filthy male pigs may i add) world view that is forced down our throats (much like the male penis) 24/7 by the liberal media's propaganda machine. The synthesizers reminiscent of the 8-bit era of videogames were subversively used not for the ignorant agendas of the VG chauvinist dog industry (degrading women, encouraging subservient stereotypes) but instead for the glorious accompaniment of sublime MOTHER natures existential journey through creation and hubris. (a hubris of MANkinds pride, certainly not gaias undying modesty). I hope this is the first stone cast (FOR WOMEN ARE WITHOUT SIN) and the beggining of a female uprising to their deserved thrones (not at the top of phallic towers!) but atop the mountains. The curvy voluptuous rolling hills.

golfinho responds:

ahhhh, is it? now i understand.