Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"


Seu estilo artístico me lembra alguns desenhos dos anos 90 como Catdog e A Vida Moderna de Rocko. Não é um estilo que eu acho "bonito" mas não deixa de ser interessante. Normalmente eu faria a sugestão de adicionar mais detalhes ou trabalhar mais as sombras, mas creio que tais elementos não ficariam bons com seu estilo e acabariam ofuscando um pouco do charme da animação. Falando sobre a animação, ela é fluida e...vívida, digamos assim. Também gostei da música, combinou bem com a mensagem que queria passar.


golfinho responds:

thanks for the important reviw, i learn the lesson.


This is something I can totally agree with. I fucking hate what people have done to this planet and the earth is completely livid with all these fucks: messing up the environment and killing each other, as well as everything else that lives here, dicking around when we could be colonizing space or something other than make cheap sneakers or TV sets or new shitty movies that people watch anyway. I mean, are people that backwards? Yes, I suppose so. Too bad the dinosaurs all died, they probably would have evolved into something better. Or not, maybe they would of had dino wars or something. Maybe not though. Nevertheless, I'm glad I saw this movie; it made my day better. Thank you.

golfinho responds:

big review

its evolution, baby

good will rate five

golfinho responds:

yes o


This is an example of the world today.
To show sense that many humans are 'destroying'the planet and kill Gaia.
All I could tell out from this flash.

holy shit

that was the best thing i have ever seen in my entire life. you know, you changed the MEANING of life by doing this flash. btw BOOBIES