Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

Gorgeous and profound.

Quite an epic piece you've put together. I see you've a gift for rather fluid delivery in your animations. I don't think you skip a beat in getting a point across (mind you, forget the plebs in the comments... Seems some of the goofs cut with the dull edge of a blade).

Cheers, keep up the great work.


I dont know about the few bad comments, but I found this was pretty artistic.The concept is strong and bizarre as you always do. Bravo.

I Guess I'm Just Contrarian...

It seems that every critic of yours absolutely adores your "work". Sir/Madame, I have given all your work a fair chance. The sheer disgust that it evokes in me is unmatched by anything I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. Maybe you think you've created some crazy hidden artistic masterpiece behind the fa├žade of green, barechested, poorly animated "women". Maybe you're just crazy. Maybe I'm the one who's insane. After all, sanity is relative, and I appear to be the minority here.
In short, I see no reason why this even deserves to be on Newgrounds, much less a front page. It's not funny, not creative, not insightful, not witty, neither wry nor informative, and above all is simply disgusting. I know this won't change anyone or anything, but my hatred for this was just too profound to leave unexpressed.

@ avifors

wow, dude, you described this PERFECTLY, i was gonna write a comment saying " what was this about?" but ya answerd that already, thx ((i still dont understand though))


This was extremely beautiful, depressing, but beautiful at the same time. I can relate to her, thinking you've found love but then having them take advantage of you and leaving you. Forever alone.