Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"


Not particularly drawn by the style, however the message is obvious. I must say nice piece, keep it up. ^_^


Vote 5, just as your request. Save the earth.

My honest review and REASONS why.

I understood this piece in more ways than one. That is what a more open mind does. I see how people consider this to be man ruining the planet, but I saw something different. I saw how mankind used to be. Loving and caring for nature and the ways of the world. Respect for all living things and love throughout. Eventually the introduction of things like currency and production began to corrupt this oneness. Man kind slowly began to look at everything in numbers and not feelings. I can see how some say it's a video saying men 'are bad', but is that really true? All men being bad? C'mon.

I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. I like how this is just one of those films that get people to talk and express ideas. The sad part is that most look at it through one perspective and decide to argue over which ideal is right. I respect your opinion on what kind of artwork is used. It's your vision, it's your art. It didn't catch my eye too well, but the way you depicted corruption and evil was pretty well done. I took a point away because I felt like it could be longer. There's so many more things that could have been expressed.

PS. I know that the title suggest it's all about nature and not what I described.
PSS Stop arguing Newgrounds. Rate it for the message it gives, not the flash content for a change. Not everything on this website is Flash Games.

im so confused

yea im quite speechless too, if there is a message i am missing it


Soooo...Low scores because you hate the art style? Christ...

Whatever, I liked it. Creepy as hell, but I still like it. XD