Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

Very interesting! Excellent Animation

This is probably one of the best flashes I've seen so far. The music matches with the disturbing look of the animation and the message that it is trying to get across.

For those that didn't get the message, like the guy who asked, "WTF did I just watch," it is giving the history of our planet. Gaia meaning mother Earth. Young Gaia or Earth (Breastless like a child) mingled with the Dinosaurs and was destroyed by cosmic disturbances. But mammals survived (the rat in his eyes). Gaia or Earth grew older (growing breast) and mammals evolved with into ape-like creatures. Gaia had a great relationship with Apes, until they evolved into the monsters we call humans. Humans treat her like crap and destroy and drain her of life and resources... ... ... Awesome piece. Very memorable.

golfinho responds:

yes, is it.

nice message but not animation

i am usually not grossed out by ugly and wierd animation but this was beyond my thoughts. im not saying your style is bad but its pretty messy.

anyway, push all the negativity away and look at the good stuff. the message was really clear and smart. for a person who draws life a downie 3 year old has some pure intelligence in them.

nice one :)

wait wut

what the fuck did i just watch?


This really makes you think.


This is one of the weirdest flashes I have ever seen. I get what it is saying but, still....