Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

great video but...

even if humans destroy the planet with nukes the planet will regenerate itself.

still a good message and a nice video.

Its Just The Art Style

That really set me off kinda, and yet it knd of reminds me of Rockos Modern Life you see? And the point behind this is actually very sunning ^u^

we all know this

we know this is how the humans mess with there planets and how it will end the trick is when it happends and how sure neclear war is the easiest way for it to happen but it may not be the cause of the planets destruction could be many things so there for i have to say 5 for kinda lame graphics.

Okay ...

So I understand how this could be negative and people will probably flag me as useless for it but I really like this piece. Not so much the style but the message. Its not a "tree hugger" flash anymore then just a bystanders watch in the personification of mother earth.
She is not a whore as some have suggested she starts with the dinosaurs moving on through monkeys to man. She is "embracing" evolution. She loves the dominant species because it loves her.
Okay moving on to the tree hugging comments humans have essentially torn apart an beaten Gaia we reap and don't sow and this video merely reflects what could happen not what the author is claiming has happened. The point is we are watching this to recognize harmful acts to hopefully stop them before they happen.
And with that I am finished now go ahead lovelies hit the useless button! I still find this to be a well thought out and good piece!


she was hot towards the end