Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

save mother earth!



I'm out of words...

Oddly accurate

It was weird, but it does show the inescapable fate of our planet if we don't change for the better. Well done.


Good message, but I don't agree about the nature being raped/dying part.
We're definetly affecting the way that things work on our planet and that will either lead us to create a very inhospitable environment, or realize that we're ultimately hurting ourselves.

Either way things will sort themselves out after we die out. So we're just changing the way it works, it's not dying. Well, maybe you could say it is, if you argue that change is the abandonment of something over something new.
We change each moment, physically and mentally, and those changes are quite impactful over time, still, we don't say we died.

It's us that prefer one state of nature over the other, trying to cling onto it. I'm sure nature doesn't 'care' as everything eventually balances out.

Now from my point of view, being a person that wants the ideal conditions to live in (clean air, water and soil, pleasant temperatures), I don't do nearly enough to reach those (through working on the environment I'm in, not moving to a fresh one), but why?

Society, the way it is now, enforces personal benefit and instant gratification,
try swimming against the current and it will exhaust your energies completely, thus it's very hard to keep focused and positive.
Yet, there is a small chance that you'll start a current in the opposite direction and even though you won't live to see it flow as you wanted it to, the change will happen.

The part I didn't get, why did the star get pissed at nature getting it on with the gentlemanly dinosaur/croc? I know it's probably hinting at the dinosaur extinction.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, again, I loved the message.
Just realized you probably won't understand most of this ... sigh.
Damn language barriers.


It's true

In its own trippy way, the flash makes coherent sense. The animation was interesting to look at, and after watching it the second time I understood what was going on. It had that clearness about it if you looked at it in the context provided by the title. I give it a 10 because I think it adequately fulfilled its purpose. I think personal tastes in art style have little to do with the quality of the work being judged, and that ratings should somewhat reflect that.