Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"


i thought it was a good statement made with too much cynicism. cynicism alienates the viewers, sadness works wonders, happiness is obviously inappropriate, optimism attracts people but creates frustration over time which forms cynicism.... hmmm maybe come across with a more optimistic view but leave the viewer with an almost unbearable sadness in the end.... you know, instead of trying to piss us off. break our hearts. sure it's a harder tactic but much more efficient in the long term

Heavy drugs...

and lots of them...


what. the. fuck. ._. ?

Not gonna lie

I have a bit of mixed feelings about this whole thing. The animation is great, although I feel the message is a bit.... forced. Of course, this IS just your opinion, but this is mine, as well. I don't think humans can do nearly enough damage to do any harm to this planet. It's almost ridiculous to think we could. If you feel you need to spread awareness in this form, so be it.

But on an animation standpoint, bravo!

Good Stuff but incorrect.

Good animation, pretty smooth.
But lets not get full of ourselves, we cant kill earth. Gaia healed after an asteroid, all of our bombs going off at once couldnt come close to that. the only thing that might kill this earth is a 2 Solar flares.
and even than, the earth may still bounce back but not the same way as before. Might be ruled by cockroaches next.
Humanity has almost run is course to ruin. only way we might stifle that is if a huge portion of the population gets removed by natural disasters. Go back to survival of the fittest. not Slavery by the richest.