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Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

Like a glove.

You know, Ive gotta say... People can be so ignorant sometimes.
Just because you didnt understand it doesnt make it a bad flash. I feel that not understanding such a simple interpretation of this thing we call life is where something like this starts. My philosophy in life, at least a general philosophy, is understanding, learning, listening, feeling.... about something other than what you already know. Cheers to you man. Awesome flash.

ya know..

This video is one of the greater interpretations of how man is corrupt over earth. and pretty much thats how it happened. ppl think its a disgusting video, but its SUPPOSED to be that way. if it wasn't the raw message wouldnt get across. and ppl who complain about nudity i feel are dumb. GAIA is earth, her being nude is supposed to happen. shes supposed to be exposed to the earth but we wither her away. and as for sexual themes, thats just another form of naturality. like the dinosaur, him grabbing her ass, but it was the truth, the dinosaurs HAD the eariths ass in their hands in perspective. and we practically rape earth as it is right now. digging and building and destroying for OUR gain. its just truth in this video, not some sick animation

No need for nudity

Gotta give this kid 3 points. 1 point for the art because it's original. 1 point for the coherence of the story...and the message it delivers but that's about it. No need to go perv here. What's the use of using boobs and all if your talking about saving the earth. Seriously, no need for that. Hell, almost all your video contains some nudity at some point where it's really not needed.

I don't mind some of it but make sure it makes sense when you do.

Oh well

That's life right?

Just brilliant

In the middle of the video I realised what was going on, just a brilliant metaphor.