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Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"


everybody in college should have to watch this five times and then write something.

Excellent. ^_^

The animation kind of reminds me of how Ren & Stimpy was drawn. Love the message it's telling, as it's very true. Awesome video. Keep up the good work. ^_^

Creepy But True

That Is Life In A Nutzshell

Oh come on, people.

Guys, this is not high-concept art. It's meant to be goofy and silly. The message about environmentalism is purposely clumsy and played for laughs. You think there's some kind of important message to the sun getting pissed off at a dinosaur groping Gaia and then launching an asteroid at Earth? The author just used the "Humans are ruining the planet" concept as a funny idea to make into a goofball cartoon where dumb stuff happens. And yeah, those who are complaining about nudity? It's supposed to be weird and disturbing. That's part of the humour.


I like it, just the plain wierd style of it, but with the tought behind it, well, that finishes it! awesome!