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Reviews for "Gaia - life and death"

It may be strange

But it show us what is really happening with the earth.

Crazy, but...

This makes alot of sense if you have background knowledge about Earth, history, evolution, ecology.....I definitely see what you were trying to say here. I just wish it had been said simpler. Still, great job man.

I just don't know.

This flash...

It could be said that this is a commentary on what humans are doing to the earth and the weird elements are just the author being a weirdo. in that case this is just fucking weird.

The other way to look at this is as a complex satire of the whole 'the earth is alive' view that humans are evil. The flash depicts their base argument but in a bizarre and warped way that matches the flawed logic behind the earth being alive and not just a rock in space.

If you look at the authors other works you will know that both are wrong, any semblance between his works -including this one- and political commentary -serious or satire- are purely coincidental. If you doubt me then simply pick any 3 of his works at random, watch them then re-think your opinion.

I gave this no stars because this animation isn't anything anyone should watch.

golfinho responds:

I had to read 13 books on the theory of the universe and heart mythology for do it!
>:C, So far no one understand all my references to the "Gaia: journey to eden"

Good messege....weird choice in music

I see the messege of mother earth and the part where the sun got jealous made me laugh but maybe instead of having mother earth crap herself in the beginning and have weird music throughout it you could have had mothernature be a baby to kid to teen to woman waundering across the globe with a nicer sounding music in the beginning and near the end when mankind starts killing her you could have had the music change to a harsher tone with a bunch of flats and sharps.

golfinho responds:

i like the music because are weird like me.

Love it so much !

I watch it everyday ! Love it ! >:D