Reviews for "Stellar hunter 2"

It's relaxing...

It's too relaxing! I think I'm gonna fall asleep on the keybtrewhjioòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòò


this turn a really good mushroom trip into an amazing mushroom trip


This is Beautiful, thanks... :)

awesome game

awesome relaxing game :D

Wow, Just wow.

I know some people are enough stupid to not understand some things, but now, people act really stupid. All these haters hate it for no reason at all!

Firstly, this is NOT a game. It's art. It's playing with shapes and light to make a painting flash. The pictures that the stars do are simply amazing. This was made to appreciate the details of it, and THAT's what makes a fun gameplay. Not the fact to PLAY it.

Also, it shouldn't be "boring". If you think THIS is boring, I don't know what you're doing on NewGrounds. This si a site to enjoy the art and creation of people who doesn't really have a career in it but which it's is dream. If you can't understand nor appreciate the fabulosity inside this wonderful game, I don't see why you actually PLAY it.

I love it, and I love the image it brings out. It's fabulous. I loved the game. 10/10 without hesitating a second. :)