Reviews for "Stellar hunter 2"

I'm not feeling it.

Of course it's a slow passed game, but no relaxing music, and doesn't really make me feel, at the least bit, relaxed. No game could give off a certain tone to make me feel relaxed. Now I'm pretty sure that goes for others as well.
It also got repetitive how you collect... stars?
I feel a tiny bit of De-ja-vue saying this was already produced in another game. Not saying you STOLE it, but I'm saying it's overdone, even at the slightest.

Pretty good but nowhere near relaxing.

Didn't have the sound on so I'm assuming it's a large difference. Giving a 7/10 for a good concept and overall decent gameplay.

I like it but...

Were you on ex when you came up w/ this. It would be a great game to play on it. with the music and the "catch the stars" theory. good game but i have to agree w/ RazgrizInferno about lvl 4.

Very nice game

I think this game deserves a 9 because it as the description says very relaxing, the music is wel chosen and the visual style is monotone and peaceful. I would advise to scrap level 4 because if you dont know how to beat it it can take forever to complete.
For those stuck at level 4: just hold your mouse at the top of the screen and everything will be taken care of.

Relaxing and nice looking, but very simple.

Also, the design of level 4 offers a nice effect, but it's far too random and takes forever to get through.