Reviews for "Stellar hunter 2"

Not much of a gaming as it was art... They had some pretty patterns, the stars.

Eh... I just had fun leaving the catch circle in the middle and letting the magnet circle just grow. It's up to 384 now and growing lol ... Bigger than the height of the window haha

Otherwise this game didn't really give a sense of satisfaction or achievement. Maybe putting a few challenges in as well?


This doesn't make me feel at all relaxed. In all honesty, it may be capture stars, but what else? Upgrades i don't comprehend, and random stars flying. After a couple of levels, it gets repetitive. You could've added some kind of shooting enemy, decent upgrades, or some kind of obstacle.

Because a simple game isn't a real game at all.
Just being honest in my opinion.

very nice

beautiful gfx and all but yeah relaxing maybe not. GL and make some more good ones. TIP: this is Newgrounds and there is plenty of good music that would fit this game ^_^ GOOD LUCK. imma go smoke now

Level 4 is too random

Either make it slower or take it out - it was just too random and unnecessary and not very "relaxing" at all...