Reviews for "Don't Catch the Herp!"


fun, original, overall well made

and now I'm paranoid about herpes..

something is wrong

it was a nice game. It was fun at the start but when I got to the car part like frogger the game kept freezing. First it started with me on the road and said "YOU ARE DEAD" and then the arrow keys wouldnt work each and every time after that. I reset the page and it happened again at the same spot where it says to run to your car. I hope this is helpful and maybe gets fixed. Other than that it was a nice game and "YOU GOT HERPES" lol

on the part with the cars

i don't know if it was just my key bord or my BRAND new computer but when i got to the part with all the cars i would press up or right or left or down and most the time he would not move but i still like the game

ItsTheAshtray responds:

No, it's not your computer. I'm pretty sure this issue is linked to which browser you use.


I liked the voiced you used especially for the judge. Very nice game, could have been longer though.

Pretty good!