Reviews for "Don't Catch the Herp!"

i got the good ending :D

I love the silly take on the trials of dating and the great gameplay! I remember when this game was first published. I believe it was the day Abobo's Big Adventure hit NG. This game was like the warm-up, correct? Well anyways, it was a nice and short burst of fun. Good job.

So this story is based on true events, eh?

Anyway, this made my day. i offed half a star because the escape from the bar was kinda buggy when it came to controls. But the Frogger parody was good, the car chase just about the right length and the court room a good way to end this. But mostly the ending songs were frickin hilarious! Thumbs up!

I have a problem wit the 1st level ... when im trying to run away from her he keeps jumping without stoping or runingin the to opposite direction (from where she is coming) help me fix this !!

fun game though, i like the different gameplay styles! :)