Reviews for "Don't Catch the Herp!"

jajajaja very great

jajajja is fun i really like this you got a 10

This is probably the scariest shit ever.

Seriously. When I first saw her in the dark, I was like "what in the name of all healthy is that!?". The dramatic music, the chase... my heart was pumping like crazy, I swear.

The automatic court was a lot of fun, I was trying it out too see if there are more than three options. I still preferred going to jail over marrying... that... that thing.
But I managed to get the happy ending in the first try, so I call it a win, hahaha.

A very fun short that could easily be turned into a pretty decent series. :D

P.S. The music for each ending is awesome.

Oh god.

Thank you kindly for making the judges fair. I see so many situations in which the judges are completely fucking retarded.

As for the game, it's decent, funny, but the art and the character voices could have done better. Nice one.

Terrible glitch

When I start the game it just won't let me play. First I see a guy looking a bit frightened, then suddenly a car on a highway, some police-sirenes, something like a scoreboard, the newgrounds logo and the whole thing again, while the sound of every scene remains and gets louder and louder... I don't know how this happened, but for me it just jumps between the different scenes over and over again. I am using Firefox and Windows 7.

I am not writing this to rate on the game, but to report that glitch.

Not bad, but not front page material

To say that this game shouldn't be at the front page is an understatement.

To say it should get a 0 is an exaggeration.