Reviews for "Don't Catch the Herp!"

Old School, Classic feel

I think the game was very fun. The graphics are old school, but the game play is very nostalgic. Elements of Spy Hunter and Frogger were great, plus it was a bit challenging too. Good job, man.

oh great :(

another thing to keep me up at night. i pressed space once and i saw that thing that looked like it was bloody. i wish i looked at the age requirement for this game. even though i got scared, i won't bring down this games rank. 5/10 2/5

say what again?


read please, for scared people

first time i was about to play it, i saw a dark screen, i had a bad feeling, i pressed space a couple of times but when i saw tere was something strange i inmediatly quit, i waited until day to continue and find that it was lips herpes, i punched myself, but realy this is a horrorous thing!

Haha awesome

I enjoyed it was funny, would have been nice for it to be a bit longer but other than that hilarious!