Reviews for "Don't Catch the Herp!"

True event??

Seriously?? True event?! I don't think I wanna ask... Got myself beating my heart a lot.

Awesome Concept!!!

something different, really interesting

Very good design

I like how you were able to add intensity to every scene. I however wish the WSAD keys could be used, and possibly some mouse utilization added. I also felt that some of the checkpoints caused you to lose too much progress. Its great that you changed the gameplay up in every section. A great game though a bit disrespectful to people with herpes.

freakingly scary

it gave me chills but it is stikk fun

seriously i think this broke my keyboard

but overall 10/10 i was on the frogger level and my arrow keys seriously would not work i almost got back to the car but the up wouldn't work