Reviews for "Don't Catch the Herp!"

Well done m8, great short game
Keep it up ^w^ /

The herp kinda looks like the scary maze girl.
Also its hard to get the keys, but I got it.

LOL! This game is short but sweet with some black comedy. I wish it was longer. Great job dude!

I liked this game and only giving 4.5 because you could have used a real girl to do the voice of the girl, cause in the game the herpgirl sounds like a tranny

This game is amazing. Not just because of the fact that a herpes-infested mad woman attempts to rape you through town.. But because of the fact that the voice acting and most of the sound effects are the developer's voice. The explosion sound effects had me fucking laughing so hard, I thought I was experience euphoria.

AND THAT DOCTOR PEPPER JOKE???? Holy shit, I cry.. Every. Single. Time.

10 out of fucking 10.