Reviews for "Winter in New York"


man you need to do a flash about how people in florida think the worlds about too end with it snows for more than 2 seconds......

Yep, Illinois is the same...

But I digress, the animation is smooth and the voice-work and syncing was on the mark. I look forward to more of RicePirates work!

Poor little cloud. Where's the love?


So true!

I wanted to give you 1 star...

Because the weather is like that everywhere this year. BUT THE ANIMATION DESERVED 9 STARS PLUS THE COMPLIMENTARY 1 STAR....THATS OVER 9000!
(I cant do math)

Very nice and funny :)

Lol you should be thankful though, at least is not 40-60 C degrees (sorry i do not know F, i live in Mexico and we use C and i dont feel like taking the truble to convert xD)
Now THAT, that sir, is a preparation for hell, cause im sure hell isnt that hot. ._.

Lol anyways, true Review:
Nice animation.
Really good sound quality.
Funny and not too long to make it boring. ;)

Overall, you get a 10/10 and a 5/5 :)

Zomg i just noticed its you RicePirate! :D
Thats why its got such a good sound xD

(Sorry for my bad english.)