Reviews for "Winter in New York"


Its like that here too, At day its super fucking hot! And at night its freezing!

RicePirate responds:

DuDul said Poland was like that too, that this year New Years he was able to go out in shorts ...

Weather just like in Poland

And as for the exercise - it turned out nice.
I liked the cloud's expression when looking down - and the lip sync is neat'o ;D

RicePirate responds:

yeah, that was individual mouths, no recycling ... after getting into it, it's actually quite fun!

relate to it.

I remeber one day US/FL. Went like 30degrees one day and then like 80 the next and kept going back and forth like that for a couple weeks >.>

Poor cloud

he just wants to make the man happy

I know what you mean.

Los Angeles is the same way. Very nice animation and voice work, too.