Reviews for "Winter in New York"

Nice and simple !

I like the animation style and the voice acting is good ! It's a nice and simple short but it doesn't have anything special to offer, good work nonetheless !

That's what you get

You ungrateful little bastard. That poor cloud was just trying to help.

No seriously, isn't 60 degrees a nice temperature? It's certainly not hot. What's to hate about it?

The solution to global warming is name calling

We are all saved, just in time too, the whole 2012 thing was starting to worry me there for a second or two.

That's about how it is in Geogia, too.

One day in the winter it's 30 degrees, the next it's 90...x_x

Well it being something from you, I don't really know what to expect. It was pretty funny though. xD


So true!