Reviews for "Winter in New York"

LOL! So true

I am from NY and I gotta say....is summarized what the whether is like nicely lol...also you explained the reason why it's like that lol


haha~people are never pleased with the weater >U< espcially cold winter!!!
ps~the cloud is was sooo cute when it was sad >w<

Poor cloud

Try to spend some time in Russia. After a few weeks you will really love New York's weather. Good movie anyway.

P.S. Poor cloud.

I live in south Louisiana...

And the other day it got down to 34 for the first time since last January. The day after it was 82 =_=

That flash gave me a feel

I know what you're going through because I live in New York as well. It's annoying for me as well but it always happens to be good weather when I need it so I'm not complaining that much