Reviews for "Winter in New York"


Every boring conversation I've ever had starts with, "Some weather we're having..." Besides, what temperature would pamper you properly? 69.75 degrees, give or take a tenth?
Mother nature already put a bullet in her brain-pan, why joke about it? I'm flaming, sure, but if you can't find better topics worth your time, why not check the Forums for cold, starving writers who have something to animate about, instead of just whining about what no one can change?
You're a talented animator and artist, and this piece shows it (even though it was done quickly and lacks color and detail). I'm just saying, you gotta live a little to get good, new ideas that are worth your abilities.

Waha hahah Awesome!

I truly adore the ending. Nice one!~

Well Put

Funny yet true....

haha nice

short but funny


You should try Colorado weather. On some days it's 86 in December and -2 in May.