Reviews for "Winter in New York"

New Yorkers are mean. :<

Poor weather just wanted to make him happy.

9/10 because I want to see more. >.<

You should try Australia...

It's currently supposed to be summer here, which means that it should be around 40 degrees Celsius (or 104 Fahrenheit) and bright days, and just today its been closer to 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) and raining, and will be for a week apparently, which is almost unheard of for me, most of my time on earth has been during the worst drought in Australian history. Great flash though, and I can really relate right now

When Jesus crys it rains..

When thunder booms a cloud killed its self the 2 seem to go hand and hand to me.

Pretty Funny

I liked it. Art was kinda nice. Animation was alright as well. Your voice-acting's always nice to listen to, as well. The whole plot was pretty funny, and that ending part was very clever and unexpected to me. I liked it.

However, the first disappointing thing anyone will say was the lack of color... I know that's the style, but it gives the illusion that not much effort was put into it. But what really disappointing me was it's length... I was expecting it to keep going on-and-on for a little bit, but it just ended so fast...

+Decent animation
+Funny, clever little plot
-No color

Yep, Illinois is the same...

But I digress, the animation is smooth and the voice-work and syncing was on the mark. I look forward to more of RicePirates work!

Poor little cloud. Where's the love?